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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  October 11, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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overnight. they're looking for suspects in bizarre theft as a drug store is set up in a philadelphia home. and a gloomy start to the weekend. you're looking at center city. it's hard to see the sky scrapers because of fog and rain. we're looking at damp and gloomy start to the weekend. we'll head out to meteorologist chris sowers. i'm sorry you're out there. >> me too. it's a good day for board game and movies. day on the couch that's for sure. weekend not getting off to a good start. rain across the delaware valley. some on moderate side. everywhere you see darker shades of green and occasionally shades of yellow it comes down at a good clip. we'll zoom into city itself. norm west of jenkintown willow grove reporting moderate rain and radnor seeing moderate rain and if you look to the left it eases up west chester lighter rains same with phoenixville and
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over delaware river to south jersey they're reporting light and steady rain athis point all getting wet this morning. we're engt expecting a lot of clouds and patchy fog. it makes for miserable start to the weekend by 9:00, 54. mostly cloudy rain around. 10:00, same thing, 54 temperatures holding steady and 11:00, 55. most steady rain full ago way at that point. and there still could be leftover showers. and/or patchy fog lingering. once ahead obviously today is damp. tomorrow looks better, brighter, milder, do ves a little and showers returning in the 7-day forecast next week. matter of fact there's several chances of showers in the 7-day forecast after today. doesn't look -- looks better tomorrow but not nice in the extended forecast. we'll take a closer look when i step inside in just a bit. >> or no look at all. thanks, chris. don't forget, take your phone every he where, right?
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take the new with you wherever you go. the smart design change cans layout to fit any device including tablets and smart phones. check it out by visiting any time, anywhere. >> well, new this morning a north philadelphia hair salon suffered extensive damage after a fire at the corner of north 22 and lippincott 3:00 this morning and when firefighters arrived smoke was pouring from heads turn salon. they were able to douse the planes and there's damaged in the shop. one person that lives in apartment above the salon was not home at the time. so far no word on what caused the fire. also new this morning a firefighter was injured battleing a house fire in clayton, new jersey. the action cam was at the scene in the 300 block of west high street. flames broke out here about 1:35
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this morning and took cruz an hour to get it under control. investigators are looking for the cause. >> in philadelphia police are investigating a brazen and bizarre drug you store theft. they say thieves literally opened up their own store in own home complete with surveillance video. they stocked it with $50,000 worth of stolen goods. dann cuellar has the details. >> this is 36-year-old juan gagusto of hunting park the prairt of the running store he and his cohort maintained for what all up tense and purposes was a well stocked room in begin of home. anything you could need. you name it. >> detectives were amazed. >> the big problem is misdemeanor up words of 50,000 had been stole friend rite aid. police say it appears the men
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had a deal with miguel ortiz who drove trucks to and from the rite aid warehouse one jeffery flowed fair house kills. >> a officer for the company on canal cod. she saw misdemeanor taken from rite ate and loading to green dodgeet pick up. >> they admitted they bought that misdemeanor from the truck driver of rite aid tractor-trailer. >> they paid ortiz $400 for 2 to 3,000 worm of misdemeanor and turned it around and sold for cheaper than you would find at real store. burgdos was so afraid of being alive. >> he had better surveillance than right aid pharmacy has in the stores. >> there was surprise and even -- >> i'm shocked i'm shocked you know because i live right now door almost next door.
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i didn't see. obviously nothing coming in or out. >> one resident says she could not possibly understand how shoppers did not know the misdemeanor was stolen you. >> know when you're buying stolen misdemeanor because it's saying rite aid labels i would think the store labels are on the product. but. >> it was captured on the owner surveillance eps new in custody and they say there could be more arrest coming. in hunting park i'm dann cuellar, channel 6abc new is. >> philadelphia police say they are now investigating alleged sexual assault of 11-year-old girl by some of her schoolmates. it involved four students at william telden middle school elmwood the girl was understanded to engage with sexual acts with two, 12-year-old boys after being plaque mailed and a third boy filmed encounter and post today on-line. the school's principal alerted
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authorities after he learned of the incident. no charges filed yet. >> and the search for alleged cop-killer eric frein continues in pocono mountains and state police say they are confident they're searching in right 'and mean while theer is search get in the way of halloween festivities. hunters have been banned for parts of the woods and they can enter some lands that are outside the search areanow to latest on ebola virus and race to stop its spread. new screening measures now in place at some of the busiest airports in the u.s.. this comes days after a man with ebola -- a man die from ebola in texas. marcy gonzalez has more from dallas. >> family of the first person to ever day of ebola in u.s. releasing medical records to associated press report led edly showing when only thomas dunkin went to this dallas hospital he not only told a nurse he's gone
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to west africa but temperature was alarmingly high. and they were too high and later dunkin was rushed to the hospital and admitted. dying there on wednesday. his case part of the focus of a congressional hearing at dallas fort worth hearing. >> we learned from these miss steps and we need to assure proper procedures are established and followed should another case rise in the united states. >> dunkin's family says he was cremated. kent brantly expressed his sympathy, he was the first ebola patient. >> my heart is broken for his family. >> health of another ebola family is said to be improving. passengers coming from that country as well as guinea and sierra leone will face extra screening jfk with four other airports doing the same later next week. this as death toll from ebola
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continues to climb in west africa. now more than $4,000 people have died from the virus there. marcy gonzalez, "abc news" dallas. the father of young boy in mercer county who died of entrovirus is paying tribute to his son's life by helper other children. andrew waller announced a new foundation in his son's memory. his 4-year-old son eli died less than three weeks ago. first day of school foundation will provide support for students in special education. the idea came partly from remembering his son's excitement upon the first day of school. >> dietz & watson broke ground in a familiar place to the company. the tacony session of philadelphia. and yesterday, ceremonies placed a year after warehouse in south jersey burned to the ground the 75-year-old company is building its new septemberer right next to the kitchen plant the center
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will bring 158 new jobs to the city and retain 691 other jobs. >> still ahead "action news" saturday morning a sweet kickoff to the new season for guys in orange and black. also ahead, several homes destroyed. dozens more thaet end by wildfires burning out of control in california. chris. >> and we'll be more than happy to give them some of our weather this morning. we have rain and lots of it north and west. and some of this is coming down at a pretty good clip. we'll show you future tracker i'm sheldon yellin,
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and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property.
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>> crews making steady progress against a wildfire burning near a northern california highway. the blaze destroyed six homes and is threatening dozens more along interstate 80, 40 miles northeast of sacramento. officials say the fire is about 30% contained. 420 acres are scorched. cause of the plays is under investigation but witnesses have
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told police they saw several car tires burn ago long the interstate on wednesday . >> and i was just complaining how cold i am and cold air outside is seeping through the studio walls. >> you're sitting there and you can see the arms shaking and goose bumps out there now. i would offer you a coat but i don't one unfortunately i don't have one. >> i'll make it. >> sxwit a mess throughout this morning. that's the view. philadelphia center city sky line actually it's hard to make out the sky escapeers there as the cloud deck dropped. quite a bit of rain now from the city points north and west. and here's what's going on south and east. we go to cape may and it looks different. visibility is much improved. roads are still a little wet. we're not seeing any rain falling at least at this point. and although you will see rain over the next couple hours down there as well. looks better down the shore than inland. 53 in philadelphia. dew point 50. winds out of north at 12 miles
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an hour and pressure reading 0.3" and temperatures fall off 40s and 50s. it sitting at 44 in poconos. 51 reading and 51 trenton and philadelphia 53 millville 53 wilmington 53 and sea isle city 58. with clouds it's difficult for sun to get in and warm things up. today is a day below average. highs more than likely topping out in upper 50s one or two locations touch 6 0. visibility is becoming issue we're down to 3 miles in philadelphia. three is the number for millville. here's stormtracker 6 double scan. there's philadelphia. there's cape may. again the difference here not raining down the shore just yet. but some of the showers are pushing through interior sections of south jersey and shouldit had the coast in the next hour and steadier stuff south and west of the city at this point right now. we'll zoom in there first. jenkintown willow town area picking up darker shades of
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gene. nothing heavy but it's steady. keep both hands on steering wheel further southwest lancaster and southern chester county steady to moderate rain and cape may county now western portions of cumberland county starting to see showers push in and say him gloucester and camden all getting wet at this point. metty more to come. here's the wider view. back edge of the cloud line we see this area of low pressure ride east along the stalled out front. it's just now hitting the coast but we have several hours of wet weather to go followed by several hours of lingering cloud cover after that. future tracker 6 by midday. post of the rain out of here. still maybe leftover sprits and sprinkles and patchy drizzle and maybe we'll see clearing and sliver of sun before the day is out. don't hold my breath.
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mostly cloudy throughout the day. overnight tonight the clouds break and that allows temperatures to drop like a rock. at heen town down and poconos 38, 39 and frost advisories up for the mountains tonight. lancaster 37 and philadelphia 46 and trenton 4 4 forecast for today, rain early otherwise cloudy and damp day. 59 degrees. winds north 10 to 15 miles an hour and overnight tonight partly cloudy urn turning colder preez didn't fog developing after midnight. 45 for center city. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. the normal is 68. both days well below average monday better dealing with quite a bit of clouds. maybe passing shower. this is not a wash. 73. tuesday brighter and warmer and 76. wednesday more rain more clouds and another yucky day thursday clouds to sun 70 and we get into friday mostly sunny skies and
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little milder with high of 72. right now early call for next weekend which could change early call is sunny days. lows saturday and sunday temperatures 60s and 70s. >> we'll focus on that. >> the cup cup is always half afull right? >> of course. >> no other way to think about things right. that's right. >> when it comes to getting older focus is often on helm and medical problems. lisa thomas laury found a group focused on social needs of seniors. >> it's called philadelphia positive aging lunch series and it's open forum for seniors to get together and chat about the good things that come with getting older. >> it's a way in which to support each other and get new ideas. >> on this day the topic was building community. >> having support of social network is vital for people. >> guest speakers from friends in city and we run 75 or 80 programs every month and those
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range from walking groups and play rating groups and groups and group st. john's hospice. >> the group has at least one or two activities every day. >> we have happy hour every month ritz carlton and morning joe at the reading terminal where we gather and we get a 10% discount. >> friends in the city started with 17 members and now has more than 300 and focus on giving back while also taking advantage of all that is philadelphia has to offer. >> it's not all about decline not all about loss wonderful opportunities engage in the world and have new experiences and feel vital. >> if you're interested in volunteer opportunities and social groups check out the web social groups check out the web site of
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happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend st. mary interparochial school celebrates 8th annual harvest hoedown. square dancing, face painting, hey ride, moon bounce and much, much more locust street between fourth and admission is 15 which gives you ten harvest hoedown and benefits the st. mary interparochial schools. >> brides of breast cancer charity wedding sale take place today on market street hundreds of beautiful diner and name brand gowns will be up for grabs. proceeds of the sale will support cancer patients and families. doors open 11 a.m. and remain open until 5:00 this evening. >> tomorrow delaware state university music department will hold first ever oktoberfest.
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welcome home! give him the tour. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. >> welcome back, 7:23 time for travel forecast and satellite 6 and action radar and rain across the mid-atlantic this morning and across the tennessee valley, starting to see showers and heavier downpours across eastern portions of texas getting into arkansas and some of the sec college football games through here wet as well. if you travel the best bet is
7:24 am
high planes northern portions of united states, omaha, bismarck, wichita. not much going on there and chicago looks quiet and detroit quiet as well. lot of gloomy weather south. cooler but drier weather north. as we look at major hubs. philadelphia reporting moderate delays. boston, logan quiet. combination of sun and clouds. midway and o'hare temperatures 30s. orlando quiet. newark and new york city airports right now no reported weather delays and we're seeing rain. if you travel to the north even if driving may want to allow extra time. erin. >> thanks so much, chris. >> turning to sports eagles are preparing for sunday night game at the linc tomorrow and birds have to tackle giants without key players. ducis rodgers has the details. >> good morning injury report is out for tomorrow night's big game against the giants and eagles. there's bad news and luke warm news with birds.
7:25 am
mychal kendricks is overrulely ruled out he barely practiced this week slowed by calf injury demeco ryans is questionable with groin issue there's a lot of trash talking between teams this week. topic that came one todd herremans borrowed our mike sglon the new york football giants have been talking a lot of smack all week long. how do you feel about that. >> well, todd as you know the talking happens on the field. sunday night, that's when the talking will happen. >> i would agree with that. >> herremans and celek were at prime stash in old city last night. they and teammates were there to raise money for the todd herremans foundation. >> former flier chris pronger joined league department for player safety. flyers got good news about coburn. they now believe be out less than a few weeks. before they thought it worse.
7:26 am
flyers host mopt reel and given the way the season began last year, a win would be nice. >> we need to win next game. like you said the schedule we have for next game is against top teams and teams that are going to be near the top at the end of the season and it's great test for us and great opportunity to beat teams and start putting ourselves in better position. >> sixers were in minnesota for preseason action andner linz noel sat that out. they saw former teammate thad young. 2nd quarter thad show sixers what they will be missing. >> 12 point for him. tony wrote ten will play more point guard this season. find way into lane. they lose, 116 to -- that's a look at sports this morning i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a look at sports this morning i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend.
7:27 am
in cherry hill fans found a sweet way to kickoff the flier season a pep rally held at classic cake on eavesham road featuring what else? delicious tribute to the orange and black. there were lots of ways for kids to work off all that sugar. pep rally also featured moon bounce photo booth and face painting. >> we've got so much more coming up mere on "action news" sa
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>> we're tracking rain across the entire delaware and lehigh valleys. we'll have details on how long it will last in the accuweather forecast a carriedled with bullets and opens fire and kills a man on philadelphia street overnight and helps resolve a dispute between the contract and union. >> we certainly had nicer fall mornings. >> we very but better days ahead. >> actually tomorrow looks nice. today is gloomy. during the morning hours we'll see drying during the afternoon. although holding on to clouds for pretty much most of the day. tomorrow promises to be nicer let's go to stormtracker 6 double scan. we'll show what you is going on light to moderate rains couple r
7:30 am
couple zooms first stop willow grovr. yellows coming down at a steady clip. take it slow. little further southwest we don't get into chester county. kirkwood, cook rainville coatsville moderate rain and further south east and over to south jersey and there's not too much going on and there's places like fortescue and southwest portions of cumberland county and cape i may and atlantic countyes are dry. forecast for today. here's the day planner, cloud cover out here. periods of rain and/or showers during the morning hours. temperatures holding steady between 54 and 55 and during the afternoon mainly cloud write and damp and breezy and chilly and high temperatures topping out in upper 50s. that will change as well.
7:31 am
pattern looks chilly this weekend as we have a pocket of cool canadian air. look what happens by monday. jet stream pulls north we get into southern high pressure system. that warms us up. matter of fact there's a couple forecast models tuesday that have us as warm as 78 chilly and raw today. three days from now 80. that will feel nice whixt step outside future tracker 6 and rain and 7 day forecast. eric. >> chris, thanks so much. gun shots riddled a car and killed a driver hi may have been shot as many as nine times bullets shattered the window of nissan ult ma and two walks before crashing into another vehicle 2600 block nicholas street in philadelphia brewerytown section and driver was pronounced dead temple university hospital and investigators are trying to figure out who shot him and why
7:32 am
and another shooting left a man fighting for his life. action cam was on the scene 56 and osage in west philadelphia and that's where police say someone shot a man in the neck right outside corner store and so far no motives or suspects in that shooting camden police are looking for late night clouds clues in a murder. he died roydon and roberts street. there is a major break in the hazing investigation surrounding power house high school football team in new jersey. 7 players on vareville team three players are accused of sexual assault and restraint. some held others against their will while other accused players techd victims in sexual manner. it occurred four separate
7:33 am
occasions on school property according to police. all suspects are under age 18. the team's football season is cancelled. former mob boss joseph merlino faced a federal judge. authorities claim he violated parole by meeting with other mob members. he was released in 2011 after a decade in prison on racketeering charges. defense attorneys argued prosecutors missed september 6 deadline to revoke his parole. he'll remain free while the judge makes a ruling. and the jury has gun hearing arguments in penalty phase of convicted double murder are in montgomery county and raghu yandamuri faces the death penalty and shocked judge with an unusual regheingt court. david himry has the details. >> it was and have who went to his apartment after his wife was unable to reach his mother by phone. 61-year-old satyavathi
7:34 am
convenientia as babysitting her granddaughter saanvi. mr. venna arrived to find his mother dead on kitchen floor and baby nising. raghu yandamuri is facing death penalty after jury found him guilty of two counts of first degree murder they're hearing penalty phase testimony before deciding if yandamuri should get life in prison or death penalty. venna and his brother told the jury he can't trust anyone now and can't smreep with visions of baby's love and mother's crime scene. >> they've been through so much with this case. it's been two years of dealing with this. >> before the jury was in the courtroom yandamuri told the yj he didn't want to go through with penalty phase saying i would rather take the death
7:35 am
penalty and judge persuade him to allow court-appointed lawyers to save his life. >> ultimately theory will be this is act that occurred that was terrible and unforgivable but not born out of evil person and not worst of the worst. >> i'm david henery, "channel 6 action news." >> and it was a frightening scene at the zoo in little rock aring arch after a 3-year-old boy fell into jaguar exhibit boy slipped over rail yesterday morning and right into pit with live jaguars and boy's father screamed for help while throwing things to fight off big cats attacking his son's foot and neck once new staff arrived they kept the animals at bay and child is at arkansas children's hospital in critical condition. >> a judge freed a california woman from prison saying she spent 17 years in jail for a murder she did not commit susan
7:36 am
marie melon is 59 years old con vingted in 1997 of killing homeless man. biker haw now been convicted of the crime. a witness testified at a trial that melon was not present during the killing and mel don't told reporters after her release yesterday she believed god would eventually bring the truth to light. >> i'm feeling overwhelmed and nervous and excited i think i'm -- i don't know i'm numb t i have not had a breakdown yet. >> melon was convicted on testimony of witness who had a long history of giving false tips to police. and police in california are looking for a wedding crasher caught in this surveillance video. the man walked to a wedding reception in town of tuesday con saturday and made off with box containing cards and other presents. the thief probably pocketed several thousand and dollars. >> a federal judge struck done a north carolina law that banned
7:37 am
gay maerm in the state same sex couples started getting married in ash will and other city as cross the state the state law prohibiting same sex marriage was unconstitutional and the governor said he would not appeal the ruling. >> president obama is stepping into the contract dispute and second emergency board to try to resolve long standing contract dispute. first emergency board was appointed mid june to end i brief strike of 13 rail lines. the recommendations were not accepted. septa and unions have 30 days to submit final offers to the board which will then make another recommendation. battle ship new jersey hosted change of command. sailors, friends and family filled the battle ship new jersey yesterday and navy recruiting district philadelphia commanding officer steven johnson was relieved yesterday
7:38 am
by commander michael thomas. thomas's parents were there to put on command ashore pin. >> still ahead "action news" saturday morning some of the world's biggest singing super stars get together to recreate a 60s hit all for charity. >> plus special equipment is needed for a record breaking polish dish. look at that. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. "action news" saturday morning 7-day forecast. "action news" saturday morning continues in a
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>> pittsburgh casino gambled on making worl's largest perogie and won the chef at rivers casino med cheddar cheese and potato filled dumping in effort to set record for worl's large eingts perogie. dumpling had to weigh 110 pounds. it tipped scales 123 pounds. after weigh in perogie was cut up and served. people that ate it probably did not want to do a weigh in after that. >> eating perogies for weeks. >> i'm not a big perogie guy. >> i would rather have mashed potatoes that's me. >> we'll get you started with view of international airport we
7:42 am
have a view of center city temperatures in the 50s. cloudy, dampp raw and quite honestly miserable start saturday morning. 53 in philadelphia. dew point 50. winds out of novrming east at 12 miles an hour. those are starting to increase kind of good and bad. it make 53 feel like 40s. pressure air temperature in allentown is 53 and 53 dpld and millville 53. you can actually see center of circulation that small area of low pressure sitting right over sea isle city at this hour and winds out of the north east on backside of that. we're seeing winds picking up. these are current wind speeds not gusts, sustained or constant from 5 to 12 out of the
7:43 am
northeast making it feel chilly and raw. rain over spreading area southwest to northeast jersey shore dry right now we see shower activity pull through there in the next half hour, 145 minutes or so. resumed to september -- we're zoomed into center city. you can see heaviest moisture center city crossing over delaware river into camden and western portions of camden county. heavier rains take it slow and make sure you have the beams on low and make sure you have both hands on steering wheel. take it easy out there. further southwest chadds ford reporting right moderate rain and highway one and 32 2 o'clock affected with steadier rains and further towards southeast crossing over delaware river getting into south jersey and again you can see the jersey shore clear atlantic city to cape may and lighter rains pushing through western portions of south jersey. millville, glassboro, fortescue, cherry hill all reporting light
7:44 am
to moderate rain. surface maps area of low pressure worksit way north east. sunday nice looking day. high pressure in control. winds out of north east. it's chilly. decent amount of sun. we get into monday that high quickly pushes off to the northeast. and it allows this low to creep up to the great lakes and that will pull a warm front through and also bring chance of few showers. clouds monday. maybe a hit or miss shower. more importantly that warm front opens door to a lot of warmth south and that allows temperatures to soar as we get to tuesday. here's future tracker 6 rest of the afternoon. morning hours look cloudy and damp and rain 10, 11:00 lunchtime leftover drizzle and clouds break a little bit. skies brighten up especially in places like lehigh valley and poconos. sliver of sun before the day is out. overnight tonight we see squiz clear and go partly cloudy skies and allow the temperatures to plummet tonight and tomorrow we
7:45 am
see a decent amount of sun. here's today's forecast. rain early. cloudy and cool and late day sun especially out through here. far western suburbs reading 6. philadelphia 59. normal 68. cape may 61 in trenton an overnight tonight temperatures mrupth at 36. north and west 45 for center city and partly cloudy turning colder patchy fog developing after midnight. the forecast, below average, below average, lots of sun. eagles game looks fine. night game taking on giants. 8:30 start. no warm issues for that. monday increasing clouds and couple showers possible and hit or miss though this is not a wash. 73. tuesday sun and clouds and warmer high of 76. and we get into wednesday and it's back to the rain again. we'll see temperatures on the cooler said with high of 70. and clouds and sun for thursday and then mostly sunny skies as we get into friday and 72. so maybe another couple hours of wet weather otherwise cloudy and
7:46 am
damp all day. >> yeah. decent at the end of the day. >> yeah. >> good day for clem football. >> you keep telling me that. >> a new music video buzz around the world featuring more than two dozen singing super stores and remake of classic american song. never need to doubt it ♪ i'll make you so sure about it ♪ god only knows what i would be without you ♪ i love that song. the song god only knows was originally fwlin 1966 brian wilson and became a hit for beach boys. 50 years later famous voices such as elton john, ferrell, chris martin and lord recreated song for stunning new video. bbc released video with proceeds going to charity called children in need. and so far, more than a million
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anncr: the great thing many breakfast options... you did a great job. it looks good! anncr: they're right next to our many other breakfast options. just another good reason to book now. feel the hamptonality >> you can see the raindrops
7:49 am
over penns landing and rain coming down. it's a gloomy morning. i'm so sorry about the start to the weekend. good news is it will get better as the weekend goes own. high of 59. "healthcheck" this morning a team at harvard says it's one step closer to finding a cure for type one diabetes it's caused by immune system di stroying cells that control blood levels. researchers were able to use stem cells to produce cells in a laboratory and it was used in mice to treat diabetes. it could potentially be a ma'am or medical break through. >> a young well's story of deciding when she will die has gone viral. less than a month britney maynard will die not from the
7:50 am
brain tumor killing her but her own terms. nora muchanic has her story and laws some are fighting to get passed here at home. >> this is 29-year-old britney maynard active vibrant newly i wed who climbs mountains and runs marathons. rather than wither away she moved to oregon where it's legal for term fallly ill patients to take their own lives. she plans to do that november 1 with pill she has in hand. >> i can't even tell you the amount of relief that it provides me to know that i don't have to die the way that it's been described to me my brain tumor would take me. >> brits any's decision is reignited debate about assisted suicide. it's legal in five states. south jersey democrat john birch chilly believes we should have that too. >> if you're in terminal state and don't want to go through
7:51 am
what you have to go through. >> he hopes to get assisted suicide bill through assembly in next several months. meanwhile reaction to britney's decision to end her life before the braip cancer debill state her is strong. >> i went through this personally with my dad he died of brain tumor the past couple months of his life were terrible. >> a mrawd her. i think she's has every right to do what he wants to do. >> this family disagrees. >> i think you should be able to do what you want to do. it should not affect anybody else. >> i don't think you should do suicide i don't i think you have to live with it to a certain point and let it get taken by hospitals. >> britney's story is making headlines and one nurse told me patients end about ending their lives all the time. >> they wish they could end suffering sooner and wish -- some outright ask you can you help me and i can't.
7:52 am
>> i'm nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news". next meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at accuweather. stay with us.
7:54 am
>> more that 7,000 pound gourd. more than -- the biggest pumpkin weighs in 1346 pounds that makes it heavier than the state record and probably big enough to make pies for the entire state.
7:55 am
>> for the entire country. >> that is a big pumpkin. >> nice orange tie to tell operate the fall season. >> goes perfect with that story. >> forecast fortuneon. they got a game later this evening ppl park looks like weather will cooperate for this. chilly and cloudy and rain will stop and bring along sweatshirt. 5 56 at 7:00 and 90th minute 64. we'll deal with rain this morning and periods of rain some on steadier side. and by 3:00 we'll go mainly cloudy with temperatures closing in on 60 and late in the day you may see a peak of sun before the sun sets. gradual drying throughout the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow looks better. brighter, 63. 73 monday and 76 tuesday and temperatures pull back a little by week's end maybe rain wednesday and 70. >> okay. and it is now 7:55 'we're a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning
7:56 am
america" here's dan har sfwlis hey, erin, coming up on gma america opening new property in fight against ebola at page oar u.s. airport people who arrive from africa will be screened starting today and four more airports will do it soon. question is, will it be enough to keep the dreaded virus out and developing story overnight new protests in furgeson, demonstrateers and police in face to face stands-off after a teen aimer shot by off duty cop. hundreds of protests rerz headed to the area for fresh round of demonstrations today. and 17 years to freedom mother of three is exonerated after spending a decade behind bars all for a murder she did not commit. all coming up on gma on a busy is it a morning, we'll see you son. >> "action news" continues at 9. here are stories we're working on for you. >> coming up, this is jolly. happy little girl looking for forever home. you'll meet her and her friends
7:57 am
from the animal wish rescue later this morning on "action from the animal wish rescue later this morning on "action news." >> and manayunk cuts ribbon on new performing arts center and john rawlins explains environmental benefit. for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and entire "action news" team i'm erin o'hearn have a great saturday. i'm erin o'hearn have a great saturday. we'll see you in a little bit
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right now, a new front opening in the fight against ebola. passengers arriving from africa will now be screened at american airports. will it be enough to keep the dreaded virus out? also why officials are now imposing a mandatory quarantine on a tv news crew just back from the hot zone. face-to-face, weekend demonstrations heat up in ferguson, missouri, after yet another police shooting. with more protests coming today, will both sides be able to keep the peace? dramatic rescue. a 3-year-old falls into a jaguar exhibit at the zoo. as the big cats close in. >> we need somebody over here at the little rock zoo. we had